Incessant wanting.

In the space of absence.Intimacy. Fear. Proximity. Disturbing nearness. Loss of shallow distance. Contamination. Enclosure. Enclusion. Exclusion. Exception. Endless waiting. Out of place. Out of time. Out of tune. Profound unsettling. Mode of eradication. Intolerance. Non-recognition. Residue. Degeneration of public...
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if i give up consumer whoring,stand atop maslow’s hierarchywiping the pavlovian drool from my lipswhat remains I find my voice only to discover everyone is talking, no one is listening.40″ x 16″. Found tire remnants, tire tube pads. 2007.0

Never blog when tired.

Mode of exception, the norm.State of emergency, the norm.Presences of artificially generated fear, the norm.In perpetual transit, I am endlessly waiting. Spectacle.Spectator.Speck. Reacting against our spectator culture, I move away from spectation toward production, not mechanized but sensualized by the...
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