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  1. artful limits
    What’s the limitation?

    To acknowledge a boundary or barrier can be an act of rebellion. Yet, the pen may be mighter than the sword, but it lacks the drama. Mel Gibson with a broad sword, out sells Noam Chomsky with a keyboard.

    Not feeling James Dean-ish
    If you don’t rebel or don’t rebel dramatically enough to satisfy your inner drama queen, does the reason really matter. In the light of submission, can one distinguish among those who submit out of ignorance, neglect, or carelessness. Does the victor even care to?

  2. ok. so i have rebelled–perhaps just not to the satisfaction of my “inner drama queen.”

    since i have gotten no satisfaction from this rebellion and it has not rectified the situation, it feels as though i have done nothing. i have been a good vulcan/borg and followed logical and legal means for the benefit of the collective, but when one is dealing with another’s craziness, logic may not result in sane results. shoot, when one is dealing even just with the self, logic may not produce satisfactory or predictable results. thus i feel diverted and distracted by delusion. i am just unsure as to whose delusion i am floundering within.