gosh dang it.

make art or write she said while trying to smile. let things work themselves out in the making. let the angst, confusion, and fear out of the body through working it. breathe. breathe again. let the tears flow and meld with the work, but work. now get to it before i cry more and can’t find the air in which to breathe! breathe. breathe. please breathe.


2 Responses

  1. now i am rereading some emails from my grand girlfriends and it helps.

    Kathy, you are really having a rough time…
    I am so thankful you are my friend. You are a fine woman. God is working on something in your life and it will be good. Good for everyone. He is part of this. Keep listening and watching for signs from God. I pray they will be more and more visible to you. Have patience and keep your heart filled with love.

    God bless you dear one

    this helped me find breathe.

  2. The commentary of the soul is the art that it expresses. We travel down roads that have no meaning till we look back and stop and breath. Far too many travel the roads as drones to only find that they are made more into machines and less as a fallible person. The cold that approaches is displaced by a God that embraces. We feel His warmth on our face and the light that He fills our eyes with.

    It is good to have a weird blog like yours so I can write ramblings of my head and make Dean’s head spin.