other peoples thoughts falling through my head

it is a frightening thing to open oneself to this strange and dark side of the divine; it means letting go our sane self-control, that control which gives us the illusion of safety. But safety is only an illusion, and letting it go is part of listening to the silence, and to the Spirit….

I realized the very vehemence of my reaction meant perhaps i should in fact stop and listen. The Spirit does not hesitate to use any method at hand to make a point to us reluctant creatures…

Listen to the silence. Stay open to the voice of the Spirit…

When I am constantly running there is no time for being. when there is no time for being there is no time for listening…

Madeline L’Engle (woman who wrote a wrinkle in time … my first venture into science fiction as a kid)


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  1. “reluctant creature” sounds like the title of a future Kathyrn Kelley work.

    I suspect that Descartes deconstruction of being is and was basically correct, that one can prove nothing. How one choose to interpret that (…but I think therefore I am…) and what actions that leads to is what we call “our Life”. Adopting the illusion of safety consciously is one option. Unconsciously another. Not at all, yet a third.

    Nice turn of phrase even if the starched sheets of comfort begin to chafe after a while.