the dust is kicked up as the cleaning proceeds

my poor studio has become a tire grunge dust bucket. i am attempting a surgical strike at removing the filth, i have loaded up the truck with the equivalent of studio amputations that will head for some hazardous disposal unit. it may require me to drive my truck in and just leave it for fear its contents may crawl back out. BUT i can now see the floor of my studio, this is a good thing.

Saturday, November 22, 2008
10 am to 8 pm
BOX 13 ArtSpace
open studios and gallery
6700 Harrisburg (77011)


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  1. Good for you. I realize you were inspired by ArtCrawl, but occassionally an artist’s workspace (a physical extention of the artist’s mind) needs a little decluttering/re-organizing. Perhaps, you should even barter with Woody and see if you can use his coveted shop vac. Whitney raves about it, so much so that she usually has to excuse herself mid-sentence and go smoke a cigarette.

    Sew on. See you at the crawl.