view from my rocking chair

Oh the view.
that i loved deeply and had rich friendships
that i helped others find deeper meaning on their own paths
that i was not afraid to laugh or cry
that i knew joy
that i was not afraid of hardship and change

yes and from my rocking chair i would still like to be making art and writing and mentoring and loving, but not in isolation but that i would be connected to others, to myself, to god

that i took time to walk, to feel the sun on my face
that i gave myself in love
that i gently and givingly held my love with care
that i did not hoard my love, energy, mind, or soul
that i had gratitude for both the gifts and hardships

that as i rock i would still be able to breathe in joy, know connection

art is important but it is nothing in comparison to love and life

so what is my BHAG (big hairy audacious goal)
to love richly and givingly