What does forgiveness do for us?

One could say that among the most powerful of human experiences is to give or to receive forgiveness. I am told that two-thirds of the teaching of Jesus is directly or indirectly about this mystery of forgiveness, God’s breaking of God’s own rules. That’s not surprising, because forgiveness is probably the only human action that reveals three goodnesses simultaneously:

1. When we forgive, we choose the goodness of the other over their faults;
2. We experience God’s goodness flowing through us; and
3. We also experience our own goodness in a way that almost surprises us.

That is an awesome coming together of power, and we know it is a power bigger than our own.

Current mantra: May I breathe forgiveness

From Hope Against Darkness, pp. 141, 143

excerpt from Daily Meditation: What does forgiveness do for us? May 3, 2009 cac@cacradicalgrace.org [cac@cacradicalgrace.org]