i am not the watchmaker.

photo of me after a day of installing by katy anderson (2/2008).

the gift of life
it is the gift of time
it is the gift i have been given

i did not make it
i did not earn it
it is simply a gift

i cannot make time pass
stand still
move forward
move back

i cannot make
the watch tick
for i am not
the watchmaker

i can however
wind the watch
this is my responsibility
to wind the watch
each day
to the best
of my ability

i cannot control
the tick tock
i cannot control
its flow
but i must wind
it is what i need to do
so each morning
when i rise
i reach and i begin
the process
of winding

reference (inspiration) story from page 93 of Walking on Water by Madeleine L’Engle.