i treasure every gift i have been given :: it is why i breathe

i treasure every gift i have been given
so many gifts i cannot count them
i treasure every gift
they are so rich
they make me strong
they help heal me
they help me know who i am
they have been given to me in love
and i accept them
i accept these gifts
how could i not
they are precious
they remind me how to breathe

i breathe

as i stand in the rubble of my crumbled tower
i see my feet are on the ground
i reach down and brush aside the rubble at me feet
i am searching for my path that leads me forward
yet i see in my one hand my fist squeezed tight
i hold it up and stare
i can see past my fist to the green beyond it
the gifts i have been given strengthen me and call me
to place my fears of finances, companionship, and health aside
not in disregard but so that i can find that
wondrous thing i have been given
for it was meant to be shared
i hold my hand out and open my fist
that has squeezed so tightly
and as i open it and release these things
i breathe

i am grateful for breath

God has a future for me

I am so grieved that they needed to tell me I would be destroyed.