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I used to say, that if I ever wrote a book, its title would be Nothing Truly Radical Happens After Age Six, Except Grace (Now many books later, at least two of them now have the word grace in the title.) Grace, that experience of unconditional acceptance and unearned love, breaks through our entire system of defenses and denials and can change anything at any age. Really!

All of Christian life could be described as an ever-deeper encounter between our wounded inner child (which we all have to some degree) and the wondrous world of gratuity and grace. Grace can bring us back to the radix, our roots, and reset the foundation, where sometimes even the worst thing becomes the best thing! That’s why we say grace is radical. “Radical Grace” empowers us to shuck off the fatalistic system and become free and fresh beginners again, with a new foundation built on mercy instead of any kind of merit.

Adapted from Radical Grace: Daily Meditations, p. 388, day 403 (Source: The Spiritual Family and the Natural Family)