ghosting (drawings)

10 to 15 gesture drawings on a single piece of paper. students start with 1 minute gesture drawings and capture the entire still life with charcoal, then wipe image away. then they analyze ghost image to real objects and look for areas of inaccuracy, then they draw another 1 minute gesture. this is repeated about 5 times then they evolve to 4 minute gestures for the remainder of drawings, wiping image away between each. After final gesture, they use an eraser to begin removing excess charcoal. they erase according to the cross contour.

Kim early on

Kim after 10 to 15 gestures and beginning to erase


david erasing.

aerli early on working with ghost images.

aerli as she begins erasing with the cross contours elements of the objects

more pictures to come so you can see their process; their final products were quite well done.