Note the skid marks

because i was running soooo dang fast, being fleet of foot and all, that when the root reached up out of the cinder track, grabbed me by the ankle, and flung me down to a screeching halt (or was that just a sudden gravity surge), we’ll let’s just say i gracelessly skidded a bit. Oooouchy! my other knee, both hands and elbows aren’t so bad. tomorrow i’ll get back on that horsey, but today I am cinder-fell-a.

Can you actually measure these skid marks to calculate the speed at which i traveled? kind of like a car wreck?

and i actually truly screamed for the first time in my entire life when following a good scrubbing of the skid marks, i flushed them out with alcohol … ooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and then again later this evening when i cleaned them out again!!

before a squirt from the water bottle and trying to walk all cool like it didn’t hurt. oh yeah, i am so cool!