More boards primed for erasure

of words that make one an “accidental” associate, a mere, simple, “legal remnant” ready for discard. So I prime more boards to eventually erase, pretending their content is of no human value or containing any inherent dignity.

When there is love and wounding; when there is faith and hopelessness, why is it that we choose to believe that it is the act of wounding and despair that is real and that the love and faith are unreal, falsehoods. We discount and cast aside love saying it was not real, that it was a manifestation of guilt or some other malady; and, we reject the gift of love as being false and not to be trusted. We discount and cast aside the others faith as well, saying, it was not real, it was a manifestation of a vicarious experience not true to that soul; and, we reject the faith as being false and claim the other as standing against or having turned away. We latch on to the despair and the wounding and we reject gifts of love and gifts of faith as falsehoods and we carry our rejections into a prolonged future.

It is easier to blame and punish, then accept gifts of love and faith in spite of wounding and despair; it is easier to believe the other is a “scary and untrustworthy” soul then believe in the goodness, gentleness, love and faith that resides there in the other. It is easier to blame the other and reject healing or reconciliation.

So I prepare to be erased for being a mere incidental remnant because of the wounding and despair.

Yet i choose to believe in the gifts of love and faith I have received in spite of the wounding and despair; I choose to believe that the goodness is as deep and real or even more real, more valid then the acts of despair both in myself and in the other.

And all with no spell check.

the primer is dry. so now i paint the primed boards to receive words of life and death; love and wounding; faith and despair; the remnant of each good thing record there will be erased, rejected as false, untrustworthy, and far too scary to be reconciled (as reiterated by the consensus); thus, the ways of man are followed and played out in the courtroom no matter the expense and in no ones best interest.