and it’s wake pushes forward into the future with ferocity

hurt begets hurt
which in turn begets


which ripples
linearly and laterally
with a ferocious push out
into the future through
generations, through lifetimes,
through what is forgotten and
yet to be known
clinging to each swell

blame is a fruitless fathoming
leaving the heart empty
in cold abandoned tatters
adrift, unrescued

the only thing that impedes the push
is, as one is able,
to navigate one’s own actions and heart,
bestowing acts of mercy and forgiveness*
both inward and outward

all else accelerates the linear and lateral
waves of harm that emanate
as through a portal from each of us.


*bestowing acts of mercy and forgiveness
casts ripples that not only impede those of harm
but redirect them for good