More student explorations in self and classmate portraits

the ghosting technique is extremely helpful in helping the student find their subject. note melissa’s early drawing and then were it is an hour and a half later.

melissa l of melissa v, early in the afternoon

melissa l of melissa v, late afternoon

Jeremy of Jeremy

technique: ghost drawing–repetitive gestures, wiping image away after each gesture and then comparing residual image to actual object and making adjustments with each gesture. this process is repeated about 10 times until the student finds their subject. they then begin erasing high lighted areas working their erasure strokes in a cross contour fashion. not only is it fun, but the students are usually able to capture the feel of their subject.

aerli of aerli

thomas of thomas.

thomas forgot to bring a mirror and adapted by using the video feed off of his phone.

stephanie of david

melissa l of melissa l

mike of melissa l, early afternoon

mike of melissa l, late afternoon

david of edwin

KP of KP. using only straight lines

keely of keely, early afternoon

keely of keely, late afternoon

couple of problems i am running into with these explorations are 1) too much outlining 2) too many closed forms (which still goes back to the problem with outlining) versus open (think geometry). need to work on communicating this idea of closed/open shapes…