Standing at the "fence edge of a religious petting zoo"

I am yanking this quote a bit out of context, but would like to unpack it because I can feel the trickle of truth in it.

“Are you doing justice to the __, or just creating a petting zoo for religious __” Greg Wolfe, 1994

Specifically he is talking about the arts harvested and embedded in Art, faith, mystery — Image, a visual arts and literary journal and wondering if he’s just created a petting zoo for religious artists.

What strikes me about this is it’s cross applicablity to all areas of calling.

How does this apply to me?

Do I have an expectation for others to create a religious petting zoo for my comfort–with Music? Community? Books? Church programming?

Do I cater to others needs for pretty comforts that numb them to their own callings that require courage, neutering and numbing even the calling on my own life?