Day 4 still – i arrive at the Artists’ Enclave, I-Park in East Haddam, CT

the last 4 miles of the drive…

the barn–with the end closes to the camera functioning as my studio.

sleeping and eating quarters (is larger than it looks). houses about 6 artists at a time.

the view from the front of the property looking back towards my studio on the left. i believe these are either stone or carved from concrete.

the community garden.

and a stroll around the lake to look at the property and some of the site specific works.

more works tomorrow because my battery died and is now charging!

they must have known i was coming up from Texas–my first dinner was homemade guacamole, tacos, and margaritas.  how did they know that’s the only alcoholic beverage i’ve learned to drink?

ok. i may get seriously spoiled. i love my family, my studio, the BOX, my grandgirls and the younger set,  my new job, and much more, but one month in one spot, one bed, same shower (well a shower!),  one town, will all feel like heaven…and they have a chef! welllll i do have to fix my own breakfast and lunch. and what am i suppose to do all month? MAKE ART! soak up the place, walk, read, write, and heal! i am up for the challenge!!!!