Day 4 – seven states before noon plus DC

Virginia (Springfield), Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut. And since Friday–Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee–that’s a little over 1,400 miles, 11 states, interesting food, enjoyable friends and family, and all with only one wrong turn.

Must get recipe from Tessa for the egg dinner she made last night.
It was fabulous!

Tessa Wilkin (middle), my hostess for last night, Dr. Rachel Giese (left), my hostess for my exhibition in San Antonio, Amy Koch (right), my future hostess for my as yet to be imagined and secured exhibition at the Whitney or MOMA (ha :) ). Picture stolen from Amy (thanks).

Outside of major cities, i was amazed at the highways lined with thick green habitat. beautiful.

And now I am east of New Haven sitting down to lunch, Italian. And to my surprise there really is a group of 50+ year old women loudly chatting with the over powering accent one assumes is a stereo type and expects only in the movies about the Godfather. 

After lunch, I’ll be off to East Haddam for a month.

Just landed on East Haddam, just north of Old Lyme, CT minutes east of where my mom grew up and met my dad (a cadet at the Coast Guard Academy and she the daughter of a Professor Jerry Barton Hoag, a nuclear physicist–needless to say my dad past that class). I brought plenty of tick spray being just north of Old Lyme. On the tour, even the outdoor shower has full length mirror which I was told was for purpose of tick checking. They are serious. Site is beautiful. Phone not only doesn’t receive signal it appears to have died. Perhaps the powers that be…

Site pics shortly…but for now just know….aaaawwweee.