Day 5 – morning walk

strange things artists do in the woods.

the lake.

these pods (2) are probably 14′ in length from their tip extension to their bases. the pics don’t even begin to do the works justice. their scale, craft, deviance of gravity, and the way they are embedded or become one with the tree, is awe inspiring.

the pods appear to heavy rope woven over a rebar understructure. the tips and bases are carved from wood harvested on site.

zoom in on the center of the above image. the artist has recreated the tree stomp.

the tallest body of these structures (not including stick extensions is probably a little over 6′ in height

the walk along the swampy, upstream side of the lake

Nathaniel’s studio



Mason’s toy along with a skiddy (bobcat)

view from my studio door up to the house.


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