Day 6 – morning walk, scouting for materials and site

I wandered of the main trail and stumbled upon…

this piece is about 15’+ tall with a similar diameter. it feels much larger in person.

the caged element is probably 5 to 6′ tall.

this bowl though reminiscent of Oppenheimer’s arte povera life size version, is about 8′ in diameter and made not from fur but pine needles.

this piece is 15 to 20′ tall. it has an opening on one side and can be entered to view the sky.

it is difficult to not be overly influenced by these wonderful pieces; but they too are under the influence–the influence of nature.

this is what i know so far about what i want…sticks as a kind of exoskeleton to create suspended flowing elements sewn from, you guessed it, tire tubes. i did bring a truckload of various sizes…i’ve begun to test an exoskeleton using sticks. i assemble them using dowels and wood glue as my joint system. glue is drying. i don’t know if i’ll need to reinforce joints yet or if dowels and glue will be enough…oh yes, and i plan to write until i filled two books–not all for blog consumption. hmmm. these language issues concern me; it happened with the spoken word at dinner as well–this loss of and misuse of words and sentence structure…

i believe the work will be about grief released…