i-park artist environmental residency

YES! I am headed to Connecticut for a month for an artist residency. Though i will still be sewing tire tubes most likely integrated into the tree canopies, i will most definitely be responding to the beautiful habitat, walking the grounds, and responding to the peaceful solitude. i am so looking forward to a month of nothing but making, writing, walking, and observing. The timing couldn’t be better. I plan this week, pack next and hit the road.

The Artists’ Enclave at I-Park is a multi-disciplinary, international residency program for artists looking for time and space to conceive and execute new ideas and to work on existing projects. The quiet, retreat-like environment at I-Park is intended to be conducive to the creative process and the program is designed to foster a collegial atmosphere and sense of community among the participating artists. The rich natural environment often tempts artists to consider site-specific responses to their surroundings.


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