Day 1 — extended deviated route home begun…

Sadly bypassing New London. I’ll just have to come back.

one 78 years young dad a bit frazzled by an unplanned overnight stay in DC’s Dulles airport attempting to sleep on the floor unsuccesfully; one daughter, age undisclosed, a bit frazzled by a drive through the uncharted territory of NYC in route to Newark airport after tossing a bit the night before + lunch at everybody’s cafe in stroudsburg, pa = well, ok, priceless.

quaint town, but why on the east coast are these everywhere (see below)? I always think of the east coast as so cosmopolitan, and these are so opposite. The east coast has more of these than tx has mcdonalds and starbucks combined!


speaking of priceless, we’ve arrived in Clarion, PA, having just sat down for dindin, my dad orders, beer, onion rings and dessert! Priceless.
Location:Hotel Dr,Clarion,United States