Day 10 — afternoon showers

Good. I am physically exhausted. Who would ever imagine sewing old tire tubes would be so strenuous. My girl hands are spent!!

The floppy ends are temporarily attached to cables (to left). So pardon the unresolved elements = in process. Holes for dappling, dancing light are working out as I had hoped.

To be continued. I had hoped to sew five; but at this pace with 18 days left, including install, I just physically can’t do five. “Hmmm. maybe I’ll just stay an extra month,” she said with a silly grin knowing that a real bed, hot showers, beautiful environment, awesome team of hosts and fellow artists, well, and a chef might be influencing her silly whimsical wish. Awe yes. The time I do have here is absolutely exactly what I need for my soul and could not have asked for more.