Day 16 — split her in half to ease install

A gray fox stood on the stone mounded fence gazing 30 feet up at us working in the trees canopy. I was amazed at how quickly she found us and at how well she blended into the stone. Her coat was as the stone. She froze and stared for a bit and her babies instinctively followed her lead. She was not overly impressed or concerned with us, quickly going on about her business when she became bored with us and saw us as no threat. We were far more fascinated with her than she with us. Neat!

tomorrow I’ll hoist the rest of her up. Excellent, the cables have disappeared so when she’s finished, she’ll be floating or appear to just have grown up and out of the ground toward the light! perfect.


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  1. Anonymous

    There's something "spent" about her in that shot. Looks like way too much fun. What a great spot! Keep 'em coming, your fans await.