Day 19 — the shakes started about the time we reached the beach for dinner

Which was delightfully hosted by Patricia and KevIn. It must be a new London/Lyme thing, but Patricia, in the most agreeable way shortened each of our names. Nathaniel became Nat, Kathy, Kat, Kevin, kev…and of course Bob became Bob:) anyway, it was done in that special friendly way, as when a close friend gives you a nickname as a term of endearment.

Oh back to the shakes, as I shut the little green Canadian chevy’s backdoor and buckled my belt, double dog dang (polite verbiage for oh crap), I forgot my phone upstairs on the charger. Aaah I must exercise self discipline and not run to retrieve it. But it means no gps, no dictionary, no email, no vicarious social network, no google, and NO CAMERA PHONE! it was a good but distressing exercise. I missed my camera. I’ve grown use to it and rather dependent on it. Word without image…aaaagh!

Oh and I have been sewing thin rebar I’ve bent into rings into my piece. That is helping me create the tension I desire in the work. Though the work is meant to have a fleshy sense it is not meant to look flacide. So thin curves of rebar sewn in seem to be doing the trick.