Day 21 — I will find my way

It just will look and feel so very different than I could possibly expect or imagine. Look i am here at i-park in Connecticut, have had 5 or so solo shows in the last two years, secured a visiting professorship, am making new friends, rekindling existing friendships. I am doing the necessary things to move forward, with the help of friends, my brothers, mom and dad, and that powers that may be. I know I am moving. Sometimes my process is so slow I feel stuck, but I know I am not stuck. Good things are happening. I need to continue doing the things that open me to life. I will and am.

Today I will find my way in art.

Yesterday I was working toward finishing out my piece more tear droppish. I saw last night that it wasn’t working. So this morning I will reevaluate. I am thinking I will go back to finishing it more flute/funnel like…creating a pooring out. That is my plan at the moment. The tear drop thing is nice and the idea and method will be saved for another day and project.