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  1. Sitting on the back porch of my dad's cousin's, Gary Garrison, watching the sun go down, being reminded that my lived experience, that the outside world has not seen, is real, god repeatedly reminds me that I am not nuts and my interpretation of my lived experience is pretty accurate and I am not a liar, I do make mistakes, I am wrong sometimes, and when i have spoken an untruth, i have corrected it and attempted to make amends, and I have hurt some deeply, and been hurt, and I am not to proud to speak the truth or to fearful, maybe stupid to speak what I experience. I think it is better to express loving things even if they might hurt to do so. Even if they are not believed. And besides thinking these things and god continuing to show me things I need to see, I am watching the fireflies that I can't recall getting to see in Houston. A good night. Thank you god for reminding me that my interpretation of my experiences is pretty close on and that it doesn't matter that these truths are not evident to others.

    Saturday, June 26, 2010 7:24:00 PM