Day 8 — I wandered back out after she’d come and gone only to be caught by her sister.

Still slick with what she spilled during her rumble…

…magnificent and slightly frightening things catch my eye as I wandered back down to my work site. Naturally this site is out of doors…well because of doors and the limited scope of their orifices. Though this does not bother me a bit because I prefer, and actually love, working outside (even in Houston’s sweltering heat. Of course I am in Connecticut, so much the better).

I arrived at my work site, straight back to work. Sewed several tire tube veins when I heard her sister rumble. Right when I thought this one, she’d pass me by, she gave me a good hard soak. Hunching up against the dry side of my shade tree, back pressed tightly, tools in hand, seriously hoping that is not poison ivy I am standing in…

Finally a mad dash to my studio, sacrificing my fresh diet coke to this rumbly wet sister.


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