aaaggh!! such a good idea foiled!

so i took a kitchen hot water (for hot tea and such) on demand kit plus some crazy plumbing adapters and connected it directly to a kitchen sink faucet i had already adapted to my bathroom sink. This was going to be my source of hot water. DOUBLE DANG!!

one fundamental problem. On the instant hot water maker there is a vent tube. This tube is designed to go WITH the faucet that came with it but, darn it all, i am not using that faucet because i want to blend the hot water with the cold to get it “just right.” this vent tube  is required and if you cap it or pinch it off you’ll blow up the machine due to a build up of water pressure. FOILED FOILED. I can’t see a work around. So I’ll return that dang thing after most a day spent fidgeting to try and make it work. Oh sans hot water … DANG DANG DANG. There really isn’t room in the space for a mini tank water heater. Oh cold water how i don’t like your chill on my bones any longer!

little 4 gallon wall mount plug and play water heater. I don’t like the unattractive bulk, but I’ll be danged if I didn’t have warm water in less than 5 minutes after I plugged it in!!!! “YES YES YES AMEN,” SHE SAID! Just don’t ask me to do any real plumbing! If it’s just a matter of screwing things on I am goo, but if I have to cut rotten pipe and glue on new parts, forget it.