Awe. I am dirty and sweaty which naturally means it was a good day.

Let's see…i hung some screen doors (harvested from the city’s reuse center designed to reduce flow to our ten active Houston landfills=free) on my studio. Ah, perfect fit and color coordinated. And the joy of drilling through porcelain tile (sarcasm) and adding mounting anchors for the doors. Had plumber fix some 1948 rotten bathroom pipes I didn’t have the expertize to fix. When he finished I began installing new faucet fixtures, of course, something nonstandard for a bathroom. So I had to drill a larger hole in the porcelain sink. Naturally I didn't google the how to and thus worked directly counter to what I should have been doing all while using an old used up drill bit. Thirty minutes later and only 1/16 to an 1/8 of an inch or so in, I decided google might be my friend. Dang. I broke down and popped some cash on a Brutus drill bit (half the price of a Rigid?) AND FOLLOWED THE DIRECTIONS and was through the inch and a half of porcelain in under four minutes. Yeah. Almost fully installed but of course when I tried to hook up to the water lines protruding from the wall, I’ve got male to male fittings. :) so it will be another depot run to get a dual female mounting adapter! Home repair job you think is going to take at the most thirty minutes and cost a hundred bucks….ha! But it was productive–doors hung and a faucet with a pullout sprayer. Needed both!! A good day.

Crazy but it does give me a hankering to literally build my own house.