mosquito larva sampler

Some things are hard to throw away, like this turkey baster. I remember being a little miffed when it was converted to a storm drain mosquito larva sampler. I got over it quickly enough once it dawned on me that we very rarely hosted family events since we were kidless and had weird holiday schedule due to working in the church which made us not very available for hosting typical turkey basting events. And then there is that fact on the rare occasion when I did host, I fixed standing rib roast not turkey. I think I've fixed one turkey over the course of two decades.

Anyway, said turkey baster to mosquito larva sampler to art tar dispenser is now on its way to one of houston's ten active landfills.

Its life as a larva sampler is why it is hard to dispose of since once I do I will have nothing to spur that memory to reoccur or to help it stay in my mind. But I need to clean my studio and I simply can't keep everything tied to a memory. So today it will travel to the landfill and perhaps this post will help me stay connected to my memories i value.