It's gone

As I stepped in for a moment, I just missed the fading of the orange sky. Its slipped back to grays and blues as the sun sinks swallowed up by tommorrow. I can hear the crickets over the traffic’s to and fros. The rumble of the early evening train. There is the slightests of breezes skimming across my cheeks and arms with a mildly humid cling. A few birds speak. I don’t know them but they are more noise than song. My nostrils flare again not for scent of evening but that weird body reaction to fought sadness. So I sit out here looking at a star like planet begin its twinkle, slap a mosquito or two and wait for it to pass like another day.

Location:Harrisburg Blvd,Houston,United States


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  1. Helped Mark and his wife load their moving van as they prepare for their new venture at Kent State. That school is very fortunate to get Mark and his family, as was San Jac and the BOX. I will sorely miss this brother like friend. I will miss him. I leaned on him a lot this year and he helped me out of some holes I fell into..