need to get back to morning writing and not blogging.


i picked up 750 pounds of black rubber refuse today because someone thought of me when they received the truckload (not a pickup truck) :) it was stripped off the side of a building and functioned as waterproofing. manufactured by the same groups that make the many of the tubes i use, it is similar in thickness to the remnant combine tubes and has a nice rusty like patina from the residual adhesive which affixed it to the building. my trucks load capacity limited me to taking half a box of the stuff…about 7 1/2 more boxes (~4’x 4′ x 4′ each) remain at the refuse/refurbish/recycle center used to reduce the construction waste stream to Houston’s landfills. storage is an issue for me so i will not be able to accept it all :| unless someone has a ranch and would like to let me start storing completed works there :)


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