Hmmm. Where did my knuckles go?

beginning of post hand bend and squish day.

That top hand should look all bony and knuckly like this one. Hey but I am just glad it’s not broken or torn or what have you. Puffy but works and makes that hand look so much younger all tight and soft. Never bend your fingers all the way backwards till they touch the back of your hand when you fall on it. That hurt like golly gee willicurs! A big no no.

end of day. hmmmm. if it swells more, perhaps i do need to go see the dr, but it doesn’t hurt, just puffy as all get out and i’ve pretty much been using it all day (just no grippy tightly or holding much weight)…so i don’t think there is damage, just trauma.

left image (right hand) is its genetic normal gnarly boney veiny self; other, is a puff-meister