Please will the wind take me

Rilke and other poets speak of the wind a lot

Carry the wind
Being the wind
The spirit comes in the wind
Light as the wind

Why do we refer so often and poetically as a people to the wind?

The wind is like our soul, our spirit, so hard to grasp, to stop, to hold, to analyze, to understand, to discover its origins, what effects its path, where is it going, how did it start, will it really end? love lightens, we feel a freeness like the wind, troubles make us want to blow away, grief and sorrows makes us want to float belly up eyes closed and drift upon the wind being rocked and comforted, anger makes us want to howl like the wind, delight makes want to dance and flutter like the fall leaves in the wind.


Why does the gentle breeze comfort?

The wind. I don’t understand, but I hope it takes me with it. Please.


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  1. "Great Pan himself
    low-whispering through the reeds,
    'Be thankful, thou; for if unholy deeds
    Ravage the world, tranquility is here!' "

    from By Grasmere lake by Wordsworth. (Pan whispering being a metaphor for a breeze…)