Here one group of students creates a sound composition trying to emphasize the specific element…texture.

Students dissected the concept of composition to it’s basic elements.
Composition, whether musical, written, performed, visual, taste, etc all have basic common elements–no matter the form of expression. Point, line, shape, color, texture, value, space. Students transfered what we commonly think of as visual elements to sound, story, etc.

Bill and I were really proud of the way each group jumped right in with all members actively participating in brainstorming, problem solving, performing and critically evaluating. Where there was disagreement, there was healthy, specific, dialog and banter supporting the various view points (most excellent). Great first week. Great class composition, definitely composed of awesome elements. We should all learn a lot this semester. And I enjoyed the the elements of our class smiled a lot.

Hmmm. Would video capturing my students for better sound and image (HD) clarity justify getting the iphone 4? a teaching tool? to add to my teaching portfolio? for speaking at seminars or conferences? hmmm….oh probably not really. but a nice iphone 4 envy fantasy. darn.

From our class blog http://washfall2010.blogspot.com/ you can follow along with their process (there is a link to each student’s blog) which is quite interesting. As a teacher of almost fifty kids, the blog gives me and my cohort a chance to revisit what students are doing but also gives me a little more in site. Often students say much more in writing than in a large group and are willing to speak a stronger opinion. It also gives them time to process their thoughts whereas in class they are speaking on the fly. As a teaching tool to teach the teacher it also helps me see the disconnect between what I thought I communicated and what they heard. Which allows me to adjust my teaching style and learn be more clear or rectify significant student disconnects. As artist:designer it warms them up to writing regularly and teaches them to document, document, document, both of which are actually necessary in the field of art and design. In many ways the blog replaces the sketchbook (yes they still sketch on paper but they post these online). I love the benefits of the student blogs. I love having this window into their world.


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