Color/Texture project begins Monday 10/25

Read Color Theory reading assignment (before 10/22).
Read 2D project 3 texture/color handout.
Collect 5 sets of 3 color swatches (paint section at a hardware store) and bring to class Monday.

Choose color sets for each of the following based on a specific:

  1. mood
  2. temperature 
  3. season 
  4. gender
  5. persons profession (engineer, lawyer, teacher, doctor, etc)

For each set choose one hue with low value (light/pale), one with high value (dark/rich), and another hue of your choosing. (3 hues max)

Using adobe kuler picker http://kuler.adobe.com/ recreate your color swatch sets online and post to your blog before Mondays class. Post a link to kuler creation of swatch for each of your five sets, identify which category you are depicting with your color and specific type…ie mood/angry.