Lecture (10/01) assignment — looking for repetition

Blog post (must be up prior to Friday, Oct 8)

  1. Choose 2 artists (not shown today) from each of the following movements who use repetition as a key ingredient in their work:

    (1) Abstract Expressionism
    (2) Minimalism
    (3) Post Minimalism
    (4) Today (within last 10 years).

  2. For each artist, post
  3. two images (include artists name, title, and date) large enough to see details of work

    (a) identify which element(s) are involved in the repetition
    (b) discuss where the work sits on the spectrum of
          monotony-harmony<—->contrast/variety-chaos (explain)
    (c) discuss the effect the repetition has on you as viewer (be specific). 2. Read assigned reading and summarize on blog.

READ and outline Kathy’s organizing principles reading assignment before Oct 8.