mark making monday (10/18)

mark making monday

1. critique TEN refined ~11×17 mark/word solutions
2. refine final solution/prep for enlargement
3. work on mark making sketchbook (stab binding)

a.  select 20 of your best mark making experiments
     that show a good deal of variety in mark style.
b.  sequence (consider variation vs clustering and pacing)
c.  determine best size for sketchbook
d.  crop/clean up sketches to work in book
e.  mount sketches (black paper)
f.  CRAFT matters! Be consistent.
g.  stab bind
h.  put name small on back

before Monday

  1. from 50+ mark/word solutions choose top TEN
    (show variety styles of solutions)
  2. refine and clean up craftsmanship
    of word/word application (create mini poster)/
    trim off edges that are unneeded on TEN
  3. posted refined images to blog
    (also images of your mark making device
    should already be up on your blog)
  4. bring to class ready to pin up on wall at 9 am.
  5. make extra text/make extra matching background images
    (not combined so that you have materials to work with on Monday in class while refining based on crit)
  6. bring supplies for book making
    (ie large black paper, needle, awl, thread, exacto and metal ruler, etc)
  7. bring all previously made sketches and mini posters
    to class even if not part of final ten.
  8. LOCATE store that has the equipment to enlarge your final piece before monday.

ps. i was very pleased with all of you that showed up to class with all your materials in order to work. YAY! It’s the little things that bring me joy = y’all showing up prepared does that. THANKS it made my day.

I am also very much looking forward to seeing your MADNESS on monday with your modular pieces.