dang I just can't eat it fast enough

my arugula likes this weather a little too much! I just harvested about 4 gallons of the stuff. had to give some away! good problem. and my one tomato plant is so dang happy and drooping with fruits.

perhaps this is to remind me that life keeps on. at some level it does remind me of this with the continued growth and regrowth of my arugula and my ripening tomatoes even in the chill of a Houston winter. even when i don’t do all the right things to protect and grow my garden. I can only do so much, but honestly I do not make the leaf reach toward the sun or drink from the soil. I can cultivate or not, and growth and regrowth continues. unless you are my a honey bear squash, in which case you’re just our of luck. so perhaps even this uncultivated growth that has occurred in my absences amazes.


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