oops. my gram took a tumble and broke her hip. OUCHY.

but the vicadin is totally working.

at 99, living independently, on no meds except over the counter vitamins, no ailments or complaints,  sharp as a tack, and ambulatory until today, the doctors plan to bolt that hip back together in the morning and send her on her way to rehab. hmm the doctor did ask her some funny questions. after they asked her if she smoked, drank, or did drugs…ever, to which she replied, “no,” they asked if she thought that is why she’s lived such a long healthy life. she just shrugged. hmmm. i am thinking she has had bacon and eggs and coffee every day for her entire life and must simply have amazingly good genes in her blood line. her mom lived to be 91; her dad 93.  YES this is my blood line!

i am hoping the surgery goes well tomorrow morning and she is up and walking soon. they believe she is a good candidate for the surgery but did inform of the real risks; especially for one her age. so if it’s time for her to make the crossing, i hope she does so in the way she would like…quickly.

after i snapped this picture of her and i; it suddenly dawned on me that i know exactly what i am going to look like when i am 99, well, except i wont be 4’11”.


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3 Responses

  1. I hope she wakes up. she hasn't yet. they are concerned but at the same time think it might be normal for a 99 year old to wake up very slowly. I hope if she is going to be ok, she wakes up. please.

  2. my gram did finally wake up. Tuesday she was smiling, laughing, and horse as all get out from the ventilator tube. she didn't remember the fall, surgery, or the unpleasantness of being tubes. amen. Wednesday evening around 5:30 she left us shortly after falling asleep. I was grateful for her laughter, smiles and good naturedness on Tuesday. that is how I will store her away in my heart and mind. my gram was an amazing woman of 99 years!