i almost got adopted today

i would have been ok with that i think. she wooed me immediately and i was smitten. but she meandered home (think she lives across the street). dogs in this neighborhood are unnerving compared to the burbs. they roam free and in the street. they don’t seem to get flat though. guess the ones that survive understand the laws of who’s bigger. it is unnerving if you love puppies and lived 99% of your life in the controlled burbs.

she was so dang cute, but she did kind of look like a puppy bred to be a fighting dog and i think my iphone would loose. and i’d have to dispose of my mouse be gone system so i didn’t end up with a puppy be gone. but as soon as the neighbors drove up, she bounded home. it’s been so cold and she is kind of full figured, so i don’t think she is an orphan. alas no puppy parenting anytime soon.


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