here is an excellent WOW
human comp crit write up

not only does Chinny have both her (2) human comps and (2) b&w source comps posted but her crit write up covers the areas I requested. Chinny’s post is worth reading as a sample of a WOW “A” write up sample. These write ups and images are part of what determines your blog grade. the crit handout is posted in downloads column if you need to review what is requested on this write up. Well done Chinny!

HERE IS A SNIPET from her blog.

This is how we critiqued ourselves:
Selection/Revision: It was really weird, but very cool how easily we could pick out the best compositions to portray from each table member. There were microscopic differences, but those were solved so quick that they barely even happened. After shooting, we reviewed each others photos, asked who wanted to redo and then went back out and did just that, brainstorming again if we got stuck.

Theme/Human Element: Through a group brainstorm we decided to use emotion, but since we planned to use the boxes on our heads our table needed to channel our inner “Tyra” and speak with our bodies. A somewhat difficult task, but we performed it very well. Only on two compositions, we felt we lost our emotional element. Because of that we gave ourselves a 4. Maggie was a keystone in creative solutions, I thank her on behalf of the table.