MM pre crit write ups
Martin’s is a great example.

excerpt from Martin’s form and concept write up

What are the dominating principles (scale, hierarchy, repetition, rhythm, unity, contrast, balance, space, gravity, continuance, similarity/difference) visible or implied in the work? Explain how each dominating principle helps strengthen the impression of the work or detracts.

The main dominating principles found in my piece are repetition, contrast, and continuance. The repetition found in the piece comes from the cups following each other in sequence. This also runs into the continuance, which can be seen in the way the cups flow in one direction and in relation to the other lines of cpus around it. There can also be contrast seen in the variation between the white space found on the edge of the cups and the vibrant red colors. This strengthens the piece overall by keeping the viewers eyes locked onto the object.

Does piece relate to the source objects history, function or purpose? 
If so, how?
The piece relates to the objects function in the way that instead of a liquid coming out of the cup like would normally occur there is instead a procession of cups coming out.

How does the presentation of the piece alter the viewers understanding of the source object?
It creates the sense that the cups are alive rather than an inanimate object through the placement of the cups in a flowing way.


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