Prep for Modular Madness critique
to be completed before Wednesday

Review and respond (download handout) to each of the following in regards to your project and process. Post  your responses and an image (may be process image) to your blog before Wednesday, February 23, 9 am. Choose three major categories to present to class (limit self to 3 minutes). Quickly tell us why you choose these three? Then present the three. BE SPECIFIC.


  1. Sensitive use of materials: does the form of the overall piece respond to or resonate with the objects chosen as modules?
  2. Could the piece be made from another object just as well, or is there precise/necessary correspondence between the objects and the structure?
  3. Explain any material difficulties in usage?
  4. Meaningful discoveries?


  1. Does the piece rise above the ordinary in terms of scale, materials or effort?
  2. How did the piece change from initial mental imaginings to final piece?
  3. Was the initial idea or final piece more ambitious? How so?


Is the way the piece put together helping the overall effect or distracting from it (How so?)


  1. What are the dominant formal elements (point, line, shape, color, texture, value, space) visible in the work? Are these elements important to the piece? In what ways?
  2. What are the dominating principles (scale, hierarchy, repetition, rhythm, unity, contrast, balance, space, gravity, continuance, similarity/difference) visible or implied in the work? Explain how each dominating principle helps strengthen the impression of the work or detracts.


  1. Does piece relate to the source objects history, function or purpose?
  2. If so, how?
  3. How does the presentation of the piece alter the viewers understanding of the source object?


  1. Why here?
  2. What is the relationship of the work to the space?
  3. How do the surrounding elements impact the viewing and impression of the piece?
  4. Does the piece respond or ignore what is around it? How so?

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