STORY LINE: Readings Monday morning
plus revision/rewrite

Before Monday morning you should post your revision or your rewrite to your blog. If you’ve emailed me your original or revised for privacy, please make a blog post for each titled either Story LINE and Revised/Rewritten Story Line and then in body just note that you submitted by email.

Click to read an example original Story LINE and rewrite by Zack.

I am interested in having a handful of you read your story LINEs aloud on Monday. If you are interested in doing so, please email me to say YES and include a copy of what you intend to read.

  1. If you want to read yours, consider and PRACTICE the following use of
  2. Space (positive=talking; negative=silence [pauses])
  3. Value (voice volume and force)
  4. Contrast (variation in space and value)
  5. Rhythm 
  6. Direction or movement (voice modulation???)

These items are used to create interest, tension and focal points with the reading. Use of space, particularly negative space, is one of the most important features of storytelling. Consider laying out your text in a way that lets you know when to put in your silence (breaks in lines, long spaces, etc). This will help you read it the way you intend even when you get nervous up front.

LECTURE blog reminder

Your mapping lists should already be posted, if not get them up before Monday.
If you are sending them directly to me via email, make a post title Mapping lists and then write emailed.


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