Weather Update


Sam Houston State University has canceled Thursday evening classes – those beginning after 5 p.m. – due to anticipated deteriorating weather conditions. Other university functions, such as the library and dining facilities, will remain open until 8 p.m.

It is a great night to get your 
WASH blog posts up to date and your morgue!

SHSU officials will continue to monitor the weather situation through the evening and into the morning hours. Notices regarding any cancellations, if warranted, will be posted by 5:30 a.m. Friday morning. Check the SHSU website and Today@Sam for details.

Here is a rough of what should be on your blog to date:
  1. first day write up
  2. P1.1a thumbnails, 15, final three
  3. P1.1a habit critique and meaning critique (plus images)
  4. P1.1b Square 8 final plus description of your process and learning
  5. Photos – 5 dots photos and process
  6. Post including understanding of repetition/rhythm
  7. Interest area between collage/assemblage/pop up and artist samples
  8. Interest area between Lance Letscher, Kurt Schwitters (collage), or Robert Rauschenberg (assemblages) and why. Plus art images
  9. Dot SQUARED Photo Crit write up; be thorough.
  1. Spheres and write up of building process should be posted to blog
  2. Image of object set of Q&A from handout
  3. Three proposals should be posted to blog 
  4. Process pictures and write up of adaptions, things that worked, things that didn’t, eeeek moments, awwwwe moments, etc.
  1. Lecture/Reading Response #1
    (please post images of sketches to your blog)
  2. Lecture/Reading/Assignment Response #2
    (please post sketches to your blog)

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