stuffed animal to dissect
performance brainstorming lists
color supplies

Initiation into inflatables

bring two (or more) stuffed animals–one to share with a table-mate! I didn’t get by store to get you one = bring your own plus extra to share if you have some.

what else for 3D:

  1. scissors/exacto (something to rip seams with)
  2. iron
  3. one box of aluminum foil per table
  4. office clips

Art Performances

To be presented Monday, April 4 (am and pm)
Assignment: create a one-minute live performance in our 10×10 “blue line theater,” using one prop, one word and yourself. You will perform and crit.

Phase 1: Ideation/Brainstorming (post to blog and bring printout Monday to class):

  1. List of fifty words that you think might be part of a good one-minute performance, record them in your morgue and publish to your blog.
  2. For each word, list ten possible props. List them as well.
  3. Choose five words. For each word describe 5 possible performance options–that is a total of 25 ideas. 
  4. Consider

    What would be compelling for the audience to watch?
    What would you like to perform?
    What is technically possible?
    Feel free to make up new props or words
    as ideas occur to you until you get two or three good prospects.
    Write a storyboard/script of what will happen in your piece,
    what the audience will see.
    What will you do with your face? your posture? your arms?
    your hands? your legs? your feet? your butt? your eyes? etc?
    How will you enter the space, walk, schooch, crawl, gallop, roll, hop, slither?
    How will you project your voice? will it vary?
    What will you wear? on your head, in your nose, on your lips, on your torso, on your legs, on your feet, on your butt?

Part 2: The pitch:

Pitch your ideas at someone else in class on Monday while dissecting your stuffed animal; try to present a complete, descriptive summary of your one minute performance idea. Imagine they were a Hollywood movie executive, and you’re trying to sell them your idea for their next big movie. Get their feedback and use it to sharpen your ideas.

Part 3: In class performance Monday, April 4.

2D Project 3 — Color
See handout for details and schedule.

Your MAPPING project AND
your images of your METAPHOR project AND
your performance BRAINSTORMING LISTS
your potential IMAGES for COLOR project
should be posted to your blog before tomorrow.


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