lecture 9 (4/15) assignment

lecture homework for April 15

Reading Assignment: In The Making: Choosing a Mission: pg.281-321 (Victoria Vesna, Wenda Gu, Tony Oursler, and Mariko Mori)

Writing Assignment:
The Dia Art Foundation’s  second artists’ project for the world wide web, begun in 1995, was created by the Russian emigrant artist team Vitaly Komar and Alex Melamid. The Most Wanted paintings, as well as the Least Wanted paintings, reflect the artists’ interpretation of a professional market research survey about aesthetic preferences and taste in painting. Intending to discover what a true “people’s art” would look like, the artists, with the support of the Nation Institute, hired Marttila & Kiley, Inc. to conduct the first poll. In 1994, they began the process which resulted in America’s Most Wanted and America’s Least Wanted paintings, which were exhibited in New York at the Alternative Museum under the title “People’s Choice.”

Copy and paste survey into blog post and answer the questions in Komar and Melamid’s survey about painting preferences. After you have finished, answer the following questions in thoughtful, paragraphs in your blog post:

1. Do you think that your answers  are similar or different from most Americans? In what ways are they similar, and different?

2. Which questions do you think  would be the most helpful if  one was using market research to design new paintings for sale? What questions would you ask differently, or leave out entirely?

3. Would this work? Why or why not?

Post (title: lecture 9 assignment) your completed survey, and your answers before Friday, April 29


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