a few of my students’ work
following my feminist art lecture

Here are a few IDENTITY ESSENTIALS (student assignment sheet) produced by my students this past week. They were considering the use of the body as a vehicle to communicate, using it as art. the feminist artists of the 70s often used their own bodies to express deeply personal experiences as a woman, to reclaim how their bodies, define their identity based on themselves and not from the “male gaze.”  The work from that period ranges from sensual seduction, beauty, quiet rage, simply acknowledgment of what has been and is to down right screaming. My students, under the influence of exposure to first generation feminist art, created a series of 5 images–you may see the rest on their blogs via access from our class blog.

Body as a site of conflict
  Chinny. The cutting off of the face yet revealing the expression of the mouth reveals the actual emotion/attitude/statement that lies behind her question.

Body as landscape
Emily H has created a nice cohesive series


Body [metaphor] as essence of  gender

Katy combined essence of gender, body as landscape and
used Georgia O’Keefe’s work to determine color palette.

Essence of gender (metaphor/humor)
Maggi and she shot these in the grocery story (guts for breaking social mores/norms)


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